Bertani Trasporti has been operating in the transport branch in Italy since 1930, thanks to its founder, Mr Cesare Bertani.

Later Guglielmo Bertani, together with his brothers Mario and Renato, took over the father's activity. Founded in 1938, Bertani Trasporti S.p.A., operative holding of the Bertani Group, has been growing step by step to become one of the biggest car transportation company in Europe, covering the whole European territory. Nowadays Bertani Group is one of the leaders in cars transport and distribution, industrial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural tractors, spare parts and materials, serving for the major motor makers, with more than 650.000 vehicles transported in 2011.
About us

Bertani Poland is a part of the Bertani Group, completely controlled by Holding Italia.

In the year 1993 the company began its activities specializing in the sphere of freight and automobile transportation all around Europe. The foundation of the company, based on a rational development policy in the eastern Europe territory, has been followed by substantive investments in order to become specialized in transporting every kind of vehicle. The team of well-qualified and practiced professional drivers is one of our main assets, as well as increasing quantity of trucks. Moreover, as the number of our subcontractors is constantly increasing, we can regularly develop our international transport services of vehicles in all directions. Thanks to such cooperation with a wide circle of partners, we are able to offer quick, efficient and high-quality delivery of vehicles to its recipients. Bertani Poland owns a compound with the parking capacity for 2000 vehicles, which are well guarded by qualified protection.
Bertani in Europe

The strategic managing activities of the company are concentrated at the main headquarters in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Italy).

While traffics and operational units are located in several points of goods and cars exchange in Europe, thus facilitating receipt and distribution. We are also present with subsidiaries in Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland, in order to guarantee to our local customers that all their needs will be met. Good organization of all our branches proves that we are a reliable and solid partner on the market.

Our fleet of about 400 trucks guarantees high transport capacity.

We offer specific car transporters for the vehicles transportation and also trailers/semi-trailers for all kinds of goods related to the spare parts and production materials. In management of our fleet we use the Transics telemetering system, which is considered to be the best in Europe. Besides our own fleet, we collaborate with qualified subcontractors, which operate exclusively for us. Thanks to such cooperation we are able to offer a fleet of more than 1000 car transporters to our clients. We cooperate with other important freight companies as well. Morover, since 1996 Bertani Trasporti has developed the combined road-rail transport, opening its own rail stations in Italy and abroad.

The Logistics Department in Bertani Trasporti created of highly qualified personnel.

Personnel is responsible for managing all the activities connected with the transport of cars on the whole way. Vehicles are loaded on car transporters or on rail wagons at the exit of the production plants and then transported directly to the distribution net or to our logistic storage centers, with daily delivery certification. Thanks to an upgrade of all satellite equipment, which started at the end of 2009, now the company is able to obtain: the position of each vehicle in real time, the trasmission and receiving of SMS, monitoring of loading/ unloading of our trucks, the constant updating of commercial speed and communicating with board.

Carrying out our activities we preserve environment.

We reduce the consumption of natural resources and plan a rational management of the offered services. We pay constant attention to the evolution of available technologies. An ecologically correct management of the company cannot ignore the current environmental legislation, so it is our commitment to check the latest norms and to define responsibilities and actions to be taken.

Bertani offers compounds of total area of about 2.070.000 sqm and about 80.000 sqm of storehouses.

It has all the equipment necessary for the storage of cars, motorcycles and industrial vehicles. We update our storehouses with the most modern technologies for the handling and the goods storage. Regarding the specific request of a group of our customers, we organized inside our main depots special Service Centers, where cars and motorcycles pre-delievery preparation and equipping can take place, e.g. preparation for exhibitions, shows or other specific requirements. We can also provide an inside bodywork service. The collection and distribution are facilitated by the store-houses and compounds available in Italy at Castiglione delle Stiviere, headquarters of our company, Lonato, Ospitaletto, Verona, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Pontecagnano, Settimo Torinese, Genova, Sesto Fiorentino, Fano, Tortoreto, Nola, Olbia, Palermo and out of Italy (Ulm in Germany, Tychy in Poland and La Trancliere in France).